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Heritage Valuation Services provides best in class appraisals, provided by the top appraisers in their market.  Each appraisal is reviewed for USPAP requirements as well as to meet client and investor guidelines.

Heritage Valuation Services can offer you the same review process that we prepare on our own appraisals.  Even if you order the appraisal yourself.  Every order gets reviewed manually and systematically to ensure they meet USPAP requirements and minimize revisions.

Heritage Valuation Services offers proprietary forms that are compliant with the Interagency Guidelines for Evaluations and Restricted Appraisal Reports.

Our Services

Residential appraisals

pre-underwriting reviews

evaluations and restricted reports

automated valuation models (avm)

​Heritage Valuation Services is an AVM reseller, offering the best AVMs and Cascades in the industry.



Heritage Valuation Services can manage your commercial appraisals from placing the order with a highly qualified appraiser to full compliance and customized reviews.

customized valuation solutions

Our team of talented professionals can work with you to provide a custom product or suite of services to meet all of your valuation or compliance needs. 

Our services

the process


Our ordering process is fast and efficient.  Orders are placed online, and are reviewed to ensure we have all documentation necessary to place your order with one of our qualified field appraisers.  Our goal is to make sure that you know what is happening with your order every step of the way.

order entry


Our people

Our team is made up of the best professionals in the industry.  We believe in working with the best people, and we know that you will see what we are talking about.  Fast, reliable, and friendly customer service is what we are all about.  We have certified and credentialed appraisers on our staff to help you every step of the way.  Have a question? Just give us a call.  Need someone to provide a webinar or come out to your office to answer questions, provide training, or provide product or appraisal education?  Our qualified staff will be the resource you need to reach your valuation process goals.  

Our People

our review process

In partnership with a cutting-edge review platform, all of our appraisals go through an automated and manual QC review process.  Our review process is managed by real appraisers, and can be customized for your specific needs.  Our review department is headed by appraisers holding national appraisal review designations.  Every appraisal will be checked for compliance to your standards, every time.  We can link directly to your UCDP portal and work with the appraiser to address any warnings on the Summary Submission Report (SSR), saving time for underwriters or in-house reviewers.  Any other revisions needed after delivery will be handled by us, and we will work with the appraisers to make sure that the appraisal provided meets all of your needs.  For a customized review solution, contact us today.

Our Review Process
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